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A Little raise for Disabled Veterans!

Veteran benefits will increase 1.5% next year.  Something is better than nothing but it hardly offsets the everday cost of living!

New Legal Book on Veteran Affairs Law

I am proud to announce that I co-authored a new book titled "NAVIGATING LEGAL ISSUES FOR MILITARY VETERANS" recently  published by Aspatore Books, a Thomson Reutuers Company.

Vet Educational Housing

Secretary of Veteran Affairs General Shinsheki testified that housing stipends for vets attending college will not be paid after the end of October. The VA's carryover funds will run out by then.
He testified that he did not think the Congress would actually shut the government down and did not take steps to plan for it fast enough.

Appointment as Adj Prof Of Law

I have been appointed as an Adjunct Professor of Veteran Affairs Law at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. I am teaching law students to become effective advocates for Veteran Benefits.

Still A Huge Backlog!

.The failures locally are a symptom of a national breakdown: Across the country, more than 900,000 veterans wait an average of nine months for the agency to determine whether they qualify for disability benefits, according to the VA.

PTSD: Medication or Therapy


Be careful looking up medical info on the internet


Why Veterans should seek out VA Care

There’s plenty of reasons Veterans should seek out VA care, but many Veterans aren’t sure what VA can offer them. Here are the top five reasons you should seek out VA care from the Defense Centers of Excellence. Why did you seek out VA care?

Marine overcomes Traumatic Brain Injury

 Rick Peralta had it all mapped out. He joined the Marines not only to serve his country, but also with the plan of coming home with the experience that would help him become a police officer.
More than two decades later, he'll tell you that it has taken a bit longer than expected to achieve his goals. Three days a week, he's at theServices for Brain Injuryrehabilitation center in San Jose — striving to reclaim a little more use of his body and mind.
"I know I'm not the same," said Peralta, speaking slowly.

PTSD Regulations changed

The Veterans Adminisration has chaged it's rules and regulations.  A through investigation into the occurence of the claimed stressor had to be done before a PTSD award could be made.  Now, under the new regulations, as long as the claimed stress is consistent with the place and circumstances of their military service and a psychologist confirms that the event is adequate to cause PTSD, the VA Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder claim will be upheld.
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