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We are Military Veterans and Lawyers dedicated to representing other Veterans and their families navigate the Dept. of Veteran Affairs complex

appeals process.

An Advocate for VeteransIf you have been denied VA Compensation or given an unsatisfactory Disability Rating call us NOW toll free at 1-855-429-777o for a free consultation.

Attorney James Coletta is a disabled veteran himself who has helped injured Veterans across the Nation fight for the disability benefits and compensation they and their families deserve.

He is an accredited Attorney by the Board of Veteran Appeals and is admitted to the United State Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims. An active member of The National Organization of Veteran Advocates (NOVA), Mr. Coletta is a Professor of Veteran Affairs Law and a life member of Vietnam Veterans of America and other Veteran groups.

As Veteran Disability Lawyers and Veteran Advocates, we handle PTSD claims, Traumatic Brain Injury Claims, Military Sexual Trauma, Agent Orange, Survivor claims, Heart Disease, Psychological injuries, Cancer claims, Individual Un-employability claims, Gulf War Disease as well as all physical injuries. These injuries need not be combat related. 

If an injury or disease occurred while on active duty please file a claim or call us for help with no obligation.

Often an injury or disease may cause or lead to another injury or disease, like diabetes, and may qualify you for an increase in your disability rating.

Do not wait call 1-855-429-7770

Let a Veteran Lawyer fight for You!

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