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Military Sexual Trauma is an in-service stressor that can lead to PTSD or other anxiety disorders. It falls under the category of "Personal Assault." The assault can be rape, attempted rape, harrassment, battery, or other physical assaults. Military sexual Trauma happens to women and men. This is not only is a serious military problem but it is a crime. Unfortunatly, this these crime are often unreported.

Do not dismay if you failed to report it as a crime. For a successful claim, you must have a current medical diagnosis of PTSD or other disorder, an inservice stressor (ASSAULT, RAPE, etc) and a medical nexus between the assualt and the current symptoms, and credible evidence of the occurence of the inservice stressor.

There are many ways to prove inservice rape or assault. Some evidence of an assult:

  • abrupt request for a transfer
  • deteriation of work performance,
  • episodes of depression, panic attack without apparent cause
  • substance abuse, unexplained economic changes and
  • unexplained social behavior

If you were assaulted during service you are entitled to see a VA physician for treatment. You don't have to prove service connection to get help. Call the Veteran Crisis Line or call Your local VA Hospital and ask for the MST Coordinator for help. Remember, it's not about what's wrong with you, it's about what happened to you.

Putting a halt to MST:

If you have been denied:

 Call Veteran Disability Attorney Jim Coletta for a free no obligation consultation at 1-855-429-777o now.

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